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Set in Chicago, between early 1900 and the 1940's, Whisper in the Blood is a novel during that period when Irish and Italians were especially biased toward each other. Vito Savio, a poor Sicilian immigrant, is struggling to provide for his family when one of his sons gets entangled with "The Outfit", and Vito is thrown back into a life left in the old country.

In Irish Bridgeport, Meghan Callahan, Lace-Curtain Irish and an imperious Druid, marries a successful lawyer. She loses herself in an unhappy marriage by foretelling the future, practicing mind control, and performing mystical rites of the ancient Celtic world.

Like clashing cymbals, the two families, with their conflicting cultures and prejudices, are thrown together when their children fall in love and declare their desire to marry.

Whisper in the Blood intertwines a compelling tale of suspicion, greed, passion, lust, and betrayal, and explores whether destiny can be altered or if the whisper in the blood conquers all.